The Story

Allow me to introduce myself…Mr. Day is the name.

You might have heard of me or seen be about town. Some call me a gentleman others a well to do man. You could say I have an outstanding sense of personal style, but I am not a man of wealth. I am a man of value.

Cultured and courteous, I am well educated. Held in the highest accolades by my peers. Learning never exhausts the mind.

May I describe myself  as having qualities of refinement? I don’t consider myself better than anyone else. My focus is just different. You are allowed to be a masterpiece and a work in progress simultaneously.

Gentlemen, my words of advice, confidence is contagious. Style is the answer to everything and there is nothing more important than family.

Now, with this advice comes great responsibility. You, an honourable man, now possess the means to up stand and withhold great respect and trust from those around you.


Wear this brand with pride as you move forward in the world.


Mr. Day